About Us

Based in the beautiful city of Sydney, we are a team of
passionate individuals dedicated to offering customers the largest selection of luxurious and sustainable jewellery made with moissanite and lab grown gems.

At Gems of Elah, our mission is to make luxury accessible to everyone by creating sustainable jewellery using the world's most brilliant gems.

How It Started

Founded in 2021 at the height of Covid-19, we understand the importance of beauty and treating oneself, especially during tough times.

Our commitment to sustainability and affordability underpins everything we do. We want everyone to experience the luxury that is typically associated with diamond jewellery, but at an affordable price point.

Made with Moissanite

We source the most beautiful and sustainable moissanites from around the world to pair them with precious metals, gold and silver, to make fine jewellery that our customers will cherish forever.

To keep prices low for our customers, we offer a large selection of jewellery made with the most cost-efficient precious metals, silver and 14k gold, while still ensuring that our jewellery will stand the test of time.

Everything Moissanite

Sustainable gemstones such as moissanite, simulated diamonds and other lab grown gems are the future which is why we have the southern hemisphere's largest selection of moissanite jewellery for women and men, from engagement rings to hip hop jewellery.

Fine Jewellery for Everyday

At Gems of Elah, you can get the diamond feel for less. We create all the classics with sustainable gems, and design our own luxurious pieces.

You can even bring your vision to life by designing your own jewllery - we will work with your budget to create a beautiful piece that you will love.

Ethics is in Style

From our jewellery to our packaging, wherever possible we use sustainable materials such as lab created gemstones and recycled precious metals to minimise environmental impacts.

It just feels better when your jewellery doesn’t cost the earth.